Zombies Edit

Zombie Face-0

The face of a normal zombie (bully)

The zombies are a common enemy in Deadbolt who at some point were humans but were transformed into undead after dying from drug overdose. They appear during "Zombie Kingz" and "1000 Years Royale" missions, with more appearances during the "Zombie Kingz" missions.

Zombie Kingz

They have a green skin and big bright yellow eyes, are slack-jawed, and appear 'ghetto'.

"Zombie Kingz" Edit

The zombies used to own a gang that distributed a drug called ash which according to the Fireplace, 'makes you feel alive again'. The "Zombie Kingz" was eventually disbanded due the death of several members including the accountant, Puff, and the leader of the gang, Roland, at the hands of the Grim Reaper and his sabotage of ash distribution.

Bully Edit

731436891 preview Bully

A Bully

The bully is a very common type of zombie in the "Zombie Kingz" missions. He looks like a normal zombie but with a white cap, undershirt, and blue jeans. He wields a black crowbar

When the bully notices the player it will rush toward him and swing his pipe when the player enters range. They are very weak and can be dispatched with only two shots (one if shot in the head) or nine punches.

Punk Edit

731436891 preview Punk

A Punk

The punk is the most common type of zombie. They appear in most missions, especially during the "Zombie Kingz" missions. They look like a normal zombie with a forward-facing white cap with a black shade. They are shirtless and wear black pants with a belt and a golden buckle. They wield a .9 mm pistol that holds five rounds.

When the punk is alerted to the Reaper's presence, it will aim its gun towards the Reaper, wait two seconds, and fire. If the reaper is not in sight, it will run to cover or advance towards the next room. Similar to the Bully, the Punk is weak and can be dispatched with only two shots (one if shot in the head) or nine punches.

Upon death they have a low chance of dropping a cassette, specifically Zombie Cassette #1.

Bouncer Edit

731436891 preview Bouncer

A Bouncer

Is a tough zombie that appears on some missions, specially on the "Puff" mission. He looks like a big zombie, with a gray jacket and an egg shaped head, he wears green pants and holds a Sawn-Off Shotgun that he will drop upon death. It is introduced in New High

Whenever he notices the player he will slowly chase him until the player enters the shotgun range, then he will shoot his shotgun which will emit a very loud sound and will shake the screen for a moment, unlike the punk the reloading time of the bouncer isn't quick but instead very long, which will give time to the player to counterattack.

Bouncer trading card

Bouncer's Steam Trading Card Big zombies big guns

This zombie is very strong and can endure a minimum of 3 shots in the head and several shots to the body, he can also endure 32 punches and he will not attack while he receives them if he shot his gun previously, otherwise he will shoot and kill the player.

If the player manages to kill a bouncer with a melee weapon, he will get the "Pugilist" achievement

Upon death he has a low chance of dropping a cassette, specifically Zombie Cassette #2.

Shambler Edit

731436891 preview Shambler

A Shambler's body and head

Is a rare zombie that appears in some missions. He is just like a normal zombie except for one fact: he was beheaded. His head is always near the body and the Shambler's body wears a dirty gray shirt and white shorts, because his head was severed from his body, the shambler´s body is constantly shaking, specifically the arm that's aiming the 9mm SMG.

Whenever the head notices the player (because the head of the Shambler acts as ironically the Shambler´s eyes and ears) the body will shoot the gun on an unstoppable frenzy until it runs out of ammo, that's when the player has his chance to attack.

Shambler´s face

Shambler´s "Head"

The body of this zombie can endure a large quantity of bullets, comparable to a bouncer and 15 punches but his head can only endure 1 shot and 3 punches and upon the head´s death the shambler body also dies and vice versa, drops a 9mm SMG with half of ammo.

The shambler cannot speak, his head can though.

"Security Camera" Edit

Security Camera

The Security Camera

Is the severed head of a zombie that fits the purpose described in his name, the player can see their vision field because it shows up as a yellow light that will turn to red when the player touches it, if the player stays long enough in his vision field the security camera will scream, alerting all the undead in the level. They are hanged form the ceiling thanks to a big black chain, they are really weak and can only endure 1 shot.

Trivia Edit

  • Just like all other enemies, there is only one Trading Card on Steam that represents that specific Enemy Faction and in this case is the Bouncer.
  • Just like most of the cassettes, there are 3 cassettes that represent that specific Enemy Faction, in this case they are the Zombie Cassettes.
  • The zombies are the only enemy that reappears in the game as an enemy, all the other enemies don't ever appear again other than decoration
  • According to Zombie Cassette #2, one of the bouncer's name in his previous life was Jacob.
  • All zombies seem to have a speech impediment except Puff and Roland.
  • The punk, the bully and the shambler can't retaliate between melee attacks.
  • The bouncer can retaliate between melee attacks as long as he has ammo, otherwise if the player doesn't give him enough time to reload he won't be able to strike back this also applies to Puff.
  • Roland doesn't move when he is receiving melee attacks but can attack the player with his SMG if the player punches him enough to be in front of him.
  • The icon for the Deadbolt game is the the upper half of a punk's body
  • The zombies can be seen keeping a hellhound pound and taking care of them

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