Zombie Face-0

The face of a normal zombie (bully)

The Zombies are a common enemy in Deadbolt, who at some point were humans but were transformed into undead after dying from a drug overdose. They appear during "Zombie Kingz" and "1000 Years Royale" missions, with more appearances during the "Zombie Kingz" missions.

They have a green skin and big bright yellow eyes, are slack-jawed, and appear 'ghetto'.

"Zombie Kingz" Edit

Zombie Kingz

The zombies used to own a gang that distributed a drug called ash which according to the Fireplace, 'makes you feel alive again'. The "Zombie Kingz" were eventually disbanded due to the death of several members including their accountant, Puff, and the leader of the gang, Roland, at the hands of the Grim Reaper and his sabotage of the ash distribution.

Types of Zombies Edit

There are multiple variants of zombies in Deadbolt. They are:

Trivia Edit

  • Just like with all other enemies, there is only one Steam Trading Card for each faction. The zombie are represented by the Bouncer.
  • There are 3 cassettes with information about the zombie faction.
  • The zombies are the only enemy faction that reappears in the game as an enemy, all the other enemies don't ever appear again other than as decoration.
  • All zombies seem to have a speech impediment except Puff and Roland.
  • The bouncer can retaliate between melee attacks as long as he has ammo, otherwise if the player doesn't give him enough time to reload he won't be able to strike back this also applies to Puff.
  • Roland doesn't move when he is receiving melee attacks but can attack the player with his SMG if the player punches him enough to be in front of him.
  • The icon for the Deadbolt game is the the upper half of a punk's body.
  • The zombies can be seen keeping a hellhound pound and taking care of them.