Vampires Edit

Vampires are an undead faction, vampires were at some point human but became vampires when they died due the betrayal of a lover. They are first introduced during the "Zombie Kingz" mission "Supply and Demand" where an Incubus was seen talking to a punk but they become a much more prominent enemy during the "1000 Years Royale" missions.

Vampires are really tall, they have a pale skin and red eyes, vampires also have fangs and elf-like ears, the vampires wear elegant clothes and they wear a few resemblances with bats, vampires also have strange habilities such as walking on the ceilings and hiding their souls in bottles, it is unknow how they achieve this ability but it's assumed that is a natural ability. The vampiric society is a sexually active community, because sex plays a really important part on a vampire's life, a big vast majority of vampires go to club to consume drinks and dance and they visit brothels frequently. It is implied in the level "Lux in Penumbria" that there needs to be a specific promedy of vampires in "This Place" as the level description is:

"Vampire's numbers are worryin, thin them out"

Vampires seem to be ruled by royal families, both club and brothel owners, Bartenders and Nightcrawlers which seem to be figures of authority in the vampire society.

The vampirics gangs seem to be inspired by high class mafias, due to the use of elegant suits, elegant manners and vocabular.

1000 Years Royale Edit

The 1000 Years Royale was a very powerful vampiric gang, ruled by the Stela's but Madam Stela seems to be the most powerful authority figure of the couple, in fact there has been a minimum amount of 3 Sir Stelas, but it is implied that they were all killed under the orders of Madam Stela, most of the time by selfish reasons such as Sir Stela II disliking dancing while her wife did like it, etc. They were massive ash producers, of course the ash "harvested" by the 1000 Years Royale was harvested at the expense of other vampires. The 1000 Years Royale inserted Ash Totems secretly in the clubs while the vampires were dancing, so when the conversion time finished, all the vampires that were dancing in the club were converted onto ash. The 1000 Years Royale even turned to ash it's own members, for example, those who speaked about the "Harvests" were turned onto ash such is the case of Logan, a Nightcrawler that spoke about them with an Incubus. The 1000 Years Royale had a deal with "The Dredged" and "Zombie Kingz" in which they would provide ash for "The Dredged" in order to build the portal while "The Dredged" also offered military supplies as evidenced in "Closed Conversation" and in "Sir Stela", it is unknown what "Zombie Kingz" provided but it was probably ash distribution and again, military supplies. They seemed to own seversl clubs and brothels which were traps built by the sole propurse of "Harvesting". Between all the members of the 1000 Years Royals, the ones with the highest ranking seemed to be:

Amber and Evelyn, brothel owners and nymphomaniacs themselves.

The Stela Family, with Madam Stela being a more prominent and dangerous member.

The fate of the 1000 Years Royale after the death of Amber, Evelyn, Sir Stela and Madam Stela is unknown, but it was probably disbanded like it happened with "Zombie Kingz" and, presumably, "The Dredged". But it is ultimately unknown since The 1000 Years Royale were a very organized gang and there is a slim chance that they survived the death of the highest ranking members as well as the death of several members and destruction of several if not all ash supplies .

Inccubus Edit

Incubus Face

Is the most common kind of vampire, he is the first vampire we see in the game and appears on all levels of "1000 Years

731436891 preview Incubus

Royale". He looks like a tall vampire wearing a tux, he holds a 10mm pistol.

Whenever the Incubus notices the player he will aim his gun and shoot the player, if the incubus founds a body, he will take cover in the nearest furniture. He is a little bit stronger than the punk, being able to endure about 3 shots (he still dies with 1 headshot) and 13 punches.

Upong death he has a low chance of dropping a cassette, specifically Vampire Cassette #1.

Succubus Edit

Is a common vampire, she looks like a vampire with long and black hair, wearing a tight red dress that shows a cleveage

731436891 preview Succubus

A Succubus

and red heels, she holds 2 daggers.

Whenever the sucubus notices the player she will rush towards him and when she finally reaches him she will do a small jump and will stab the player with her 2 daggers. She can endure more shots to the body than the incubus but will still die with 1 headshot, since she moves too fast and her attack is impossible to avoid, it's unknow how many punches she can take to die.

Upong death she has a low chance of dropping a cassette, specifically Vampire Cassette #1.

Bartenders Edit

731436891 preview Bartender

A Bartender

Bartenders are very tough vampires introduced in "The Bloody Mary", they look like a vampire with a bartender outfit, their heads are big and their faces have more resemblance to a bat than a normal vampire with big ears and lacking a nose, they have a big forehead and they are bald, they hold a combat shotgun.

Bartender Face

A bartender's face

What makes the difference between the bartenders and most of vampires is the a extrange power that most of the bartenders have, they can store their souls on a bottle (these are called phylacteries) and because of that, they can't die until the phylactery is destroyed. A bartender is one of the toughest vampire in the game, they can endure 2 headshots and several shots to the body. When they "die", there will appear a blue and a white link that connects the phylactery and the bartender´s body, if the player fails to destroy the phylactery before the bartender revives he will slowly get up accommodating the broken bones on his body and will roam the room again or shoot the player if he is in his range, bartender can endure 17 punches and their phylacteries 3.

For some reason bartenders always seem to speak in caps.

Nightcrawlers Edit

Nightcrawler Face

Nightcrawlers are very tough vampires introduced in "A Lot to Give", they look like a vampire, but instead of having a vampire face, they have a bat face and instead of normal arms they have giant wings that end with a hand that has large

731436891 preview Nightcrawler
fingers, they wear an outfit similar to the bartender outfit, they hold a Supressed PDW that they will drop (with half of ammo) when they die. The Nightcrawlers are some sort of bodyguard (evidenced by Vampire Cassette #2) that have plenty of knowledge of "The Harvest", the nightcrawlers are afraid of Madam Stela because if they spit out info, Madam Stela will turn them into ash.
Nightcrawler trading card

Nightcrawlers's Steam Trading card Just hangin' around

Whenever they notice the player they will immediately pull out their PDW and shoot them in a frenzy against the player, the PDW takes a rather short time to recharge. A nightcrawler can endure 3 shots to the head and a lot of shots to the body, they can take 29 punches and can retaliate between blows, of course if they run out of ammo and the player keeps hitting, they won't be able to recharge their PDW and will die due the constant beating.

Upon death nightcrawlers have a rare chance of dropping a cassette tape, specifically Vampire Cassette #2.

Amber Edit

Amber Face
Amber is a special vampire, she is one of the 2 succubus who run the brothels, and her personality just matches her job, she is a nymphomaniac as evidenced by a dialogue that might pop up when entering the level "Amber & Evelyn" )as she is seen staring a shirtless incubus lying on the bed with his penis erected, Amber used to had a relationship with Roland as evidenced by Zombie Cassette #3 but it ended due to Roland's death and the "Zombie Kingz" disband.
731436891 preview -MB-Amber
She wears a small black shirt with a heart drawing on it, you can see one of the suspenders from her bra due to her shirt being "misplaced" (apparently due to her just finishing the sexual act with an incubus), you can also see the shirt bounce when she walks besides her belly being exposed she has black pants and red stockings, she also has a bun haircut. She holds a big and long sword, whenever she notices the player she will rush at a mad speed (the enemy with the greatest speed in the game) towards the player and much like a succubus perform a small jump before slashing the player with her sword. She can endure a knife throw and a hammer throw, but she is really weak to any sort of fire power, killing her with punches is impossible due to her high speed, behind her there is a valve you can use to unlock her vent pipe.

Amber is the twin of Evelyn and they both run the brothels, somehow each of the succubus made herself her own phylactery so if the player wants to kill Amber he must have to kill Evelyn before Amber can resurrect.

Evelyn Edit

Evelyn Face

Evelyn is a special vampire, she is one of the 2 succubus who run the brothels, and her personality just matches her job, she is a nymphomaniac as evidenced by a dialogue that might pop up when entering the level "Amber & Evelyn" (which would it be: Shame.... Another slow night) as she is seen staring a shirtless incubus lying on the bed with his penis erected, she also mocks the player if he wasn't fast enough to kill Amber at time. Whenever she dies she will say: You... Can't stop.... The Harvest...

731436891 preview -MB-Evelyn

She wears a small red shirt very similar to Amber but instead of having a "misplaced" shirt, she has a little bit of her bra exposed, other than that her outfit is identical to Amber, even her hair is similar with just slight alterations. Her room is guarded by 2 cerberus and 1 succubus, whenever she notices the player she will shoot her two guns, alternating between the left gun and the right gun, however her reload time is relatively slow, she can't take much more damage than her twin either, barely bearing shots to the body and instantly dying when shot to the head, however unlike her twin Amber, Evelyn can be a target for punches, enduring up to 19 punches, behind her there is a valve you can use to unlock her vent pipe.

Evelyn is the twin of Amber and they both run the brothels, somehow each of the succubus made herself her own phylactery, so if the player wants to kill Evelyn he must have to kill Amber before Evelyn can resurrect.

Sir Stela Edit

Sir Stela

Sir Stela is the husband of Madam Stela, the ruler of the 1000 Years Royale. Sir Stela has very elegant clothes, he wears a coat and a grey shirt alongside a ribbon around his neck, the interior of his coat is color red and he wears black pants with black shoes.

Not very much is known about Sir Stela because he is killed immediately at the intro cutscene by the hands of Ibzan, leader of The Dredged. It is unknown why he was killed since the Stela family and some members of the 1000 Years Royale are in a secret relationship with "The Dredged" and Sir Stela was very aware of the Harvests, however there is a chance that Madam Stela ordered her husband's death, knowing Madam Stela's history, it was probably a selfish reason.

He was killed with a headshot.

Madam Stela Edit

731436891 preview -B-Madam Stella

Madam Stela

Madam Stela is presumably the most ancient vampire in Deadbolt. She is a narcissistic, selfish, egocentric, "classy" and manipulative succubus. Madam Stela had several husbands before Sir Stela, but they were all killed, it is heavily implied (if not confirmed) on Vampire cassette #3 that she killed or at least, ordered the death of her husbands, we only have register of 2 husbands before Sir Stela, aparently the husband before Sir Stela was murdered because he didn't liked dancing and Madam Stela loved dancing, the husband before that was killed because he liked the undead and Madam Stela hated them at the extreme of feeling repulsion for them (Despite the fact that she is an undead), it is unknown how many husband did Madam Stela had and why they were killed. Madam Stela had plenty of knowledge of "The Harvest" and she even was excited by it, since the more harvest happened, the closer she would be to "The Land of Warmth", she felt no remorse despite her people were dying, she also manipulated and threatened her bodyguards (The Nightcrawlers) with death if they dared to say a thing about
Madam Stela Face

Madam Stela's Face

"The Harvest", she also felt huge repulse towards them at the point that she didn't wanted Nightcrawlers stepping a toe in her house. Madam Stella also manipulated huge mass of vampires and claims to be "the only resemblance of class in this god-forsaken-hole in the ground."

Madam Stela Phylacteries

Madam Stela's Phylacteries

She wears a black shirt with no sleeves, a dark gray skirt and a coat made from animal skins, presumably a cerberus (since he is the only "animal") seen in the game besides the cat, she holds a combat shotgun. Her house is heavily guarded by Nightcrawlers, Bartenders, Succubus and Inccubus. Just like the bartenders, Madam Stela also has phylacteries, in fact she has 7 phylacteries that are easily distinguishable from the bartender phylacteries due to their larger shape and light blue color. Whenever she notices the player she will fire her shotgun and at the same time call her servants. There is a catch on her shotgun however, Madam Stela doesn't reload, because of that is impossible to know how many punches can she take because she is also able to retaliate between the player's punches. Madam Stela can handle a lot of shots, including 3 shots to the head, however a close shot from a Combat Shotgun will immediately kill her.

Upong Madam Stela´s death there is a 25% chance that she will drop the Vampire Cassette #3.

Trivia/Notes Edit

  • When dying Madam Stela has a 25% chance of dropping her cassette even if the player haven't destroyed all of her phylacteries, allowing the player to easily farm for the cassette.
  • Unlike the Bartender´s phylacteries, Madam Stela´s phylacteries can endure up to 11 punches.
  • Just like all other enemies, there is only one Trading Card on Steam that represents that specific Enemy Faction and in this case is the Nightcrawler.
  • Just like most of the cassettes, there are 3 cassettes that represent that specific Enemy Faction, in this case they are the Vampire Cassettes.
  • In the Vampire Cassette #2, it is revealed that one of the Nightcrawler's name was Logan, but he died due to him talking about "The Harvest" to a Succubus, according to the Nightcrawler from the tape, he became ash.
  • The Incubus' 10mm pistol can fire through doors.
  • The Incubus, the bartender and Evelyn can't retaliate between blows
  • The only vampire that doesn't have red eyes is the Nightcrawler
  • On the mission map of 1000 Years Royale, Sir Stela is seen smiling on the level picture, but when you look at the image attached to the folder on the left top of the screen, he isn't smiling
  • Even more weird is, when you first see the mission, Sir Stela isn't smiling, but when you clear it, THEN you can see him smiling
  • If the player kills a Succubus or an Incubus while it is dropping to the floor, the player will get the achievement "Acrobat", due to the speed fall of the succubus and incubus it is recommended to use a shotgun.
  • If the player kills Amber with a melee weapon (It's recommended to use a scythe) and Evelyn with a ranged weapon the player will gain the achievement "Quick Pro Quo"

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