Vall face

Vall´s face

Vall is the most skilled of the demon snipers. She is a sassy, naughty demon as she constantly taunts and mocks the player to enter her field of fire. Vall looks like a normal maiden, only with different horns and a really elegant suit alongside a sniper rifle.
731436891 preview -MB-Vall

Vall in the sniper nest.

At first, Vall will taunt the player to enter her vision: Vall appears as a red dot, representing that she takes aim. Upon entering illuminated areas, the marker homes in on the Reaper. Shortly after, she will suddenly move where she predicts the player to be and then shoots to the point of the red marker. The sniper shots make her level relatively hard, but by moving carefully and making some unpredictable moves, you should be able to survive. In addition to that, she can only shoot into lit areas, giving the player safezones in the dark.
Vall sprite

Vall in the level editor

When the player has completed the first and second part of the level while avoiding her sniper rifle, the player will enter the Sniper Nest, a sniper section where the player uses a sniper rifle to take out Vall. There the player can see Vall and finally kill her in one shot.

Vall is the weakest enemy in the game only matched by Timur The Tinkerer and a Security Camera, she can only endure one shot and one punch. This doesn't really matter though, since you can only use the sniper rifle to get rid of her anyway.

Trivia Edit

  • You can't kill Vall via punches through normal means, since she only appears in the sniper section of the mission Vall. However, you can spawn her in the level editor and kill her there; she dies to one punch because you were never supposed to punch her or shoot her with any gun other than the sniper rifle.
  • If you kill all the enemies with a headshot in Vall's Sniper Nest, you will earn the achievement "Le Sniper du Cœur".