The Reaper is the character controlled by the player throughout DEADBOLT. He is commanded by The Fireplace to help all undead towards the afterlife and stop their plans, there has been several reapers through history yet there are only 2 know reapers. In fact, in the second part of the level "Ibzan", when you access the room of The God of Life you can see several fireplaces, like he was talking to more reapers other than the player, this is further evidenced whenever the undead notice a reaper, since they don't refer to the player as "The Reaper" but as "A reaper", hinting that there are several reapers.

Reapers have the ability to transport through vents thanks to a lighter.

A reaper looks very similar to a skeleton, but unlike the skeletons they have pitch black blood. Thanks to the Fireplace, they do not suffer from extreme cold that the Dredged experience. The reapers usually have a complete black body with a skull for head, the reaper lives in a house with The Fireplace.

It is unknown how The Fireplace chooses the reapers IF he chooses them, perhaps the reapers were once a Candle that passed through a metamorphosis or did simply were spontaneously created, perhaps they are some sort of ascended skeleton, there are several mysteries around the Reaper.

Goal Edit

A reaper's goal will always be to help the undead towards the afterlife and follow the commands of The Fireplace. It is implied that the reaper wins some money by doing this, because he is able to buy items like beds. The reaper that the player controls also gains Souls, which can be traded in for weapons throughout the game.

Ibzan Edit

Ibzan Face

It is evidenced in the game that Ibzan was in fact, a reaper, this is demostrated by Ibzan´s pitch black blood and his knowledge of The Fireplace and "The Land of Warmth", demonstrated in Skeleton Cassette #3. He constantly refers to The Fireplace as "friend". It is implied Ibzan had no legitimate bad intentions behind his actions, this is implied by the paper in his desk that says: "I understand it now, I regret, I just want to apologize", like he was trying to apologize The Fireplace for his doings, he only wanted to bring the other undead to "The Land of Warmth" however this process involved the death of several undead as well as the deaths of candles, he also tries to talk to The Fireplace several times. It is unknow why Ibzan became a mix between an undead an a reaper, but it might be due to the fact that he suicided as it is implied he is the author of the Secret Cassette where an unknown reaper expresses it's discontent with its job. Ibzan has a special ability that no reaper - at least know - has, the ability to teleport upon death, whenever he dies, he will disappear on blue smoke and teleport somewhere else with blue smoke too, it is unknown how he performs this ability, however it has been proved that this ability can't be used infinitely as he is killed by the current reaper.

The Reaper Edit

Actual reaper

This reaper is controlled by the player in Deadbolt and it is the current reaper.

The current reaper wears a brown trench coat, besides from having the normal appearance of a reaper, except for one thing: The lower jaw of his skull is missing and it has a big crack from the nasal holes to the jaw. Not very much is know about his personality since he almost never speaks, but it is implied that he enjoys what he is doing, which would be killing the undead, he constantly looks for missions and when he killed Ibzan, the first thing he did is to talk to The Fireplace to get more missions.

The Reaper, like all reapers, live in a house with the Fireplace. His house is near the docks, where Charon, The Ferryman lives.

This Reaper has killed Ibzan.

Relationship with The Flames Edit

The actual reaper doesn't seem to have a friendship with The Flames, since given it's attitude with The Flames and vice versa, their relation seems to be simply boss-employee, despite the fact that The Flames actually has a very friendly behavior with the actual reaper, giving him a cat, worrying about the loneliness the actual reaper might feel, constantly reminding the reaper that what he is doing is the right thing to do and that he shouldn't worry himself with negative thoughts, even appearing whenever the reaper wanted and warming him when he needs it. It is implored that the Flames is trying to prevent the actual reaper of following Ibzan's footsteps by giving the actual reaper every treat that Ibzan didn't get.

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