The Fireplace is a place that serves as host for "The Flames", a magical entity that commands the Reaper , the protagonist of Deadbolt, and Charon the Ferryman. In the game "The Flames" gives instructions and intel in a very cryptic way (speaking always in verse, never in prose) to the reaper to kill the undead and stop their plans and schemes.

Gameplay Edit

"The Flames" will give you missions, and sometimes new weapons as well. To speak with the flames, just sit in the chair by using the 'E' key, or use the 'R' key to sit without starting it.

If you talk to them you will open a menu with 2 tabs:

  • Mission: "The Flames" will tell you about your next mission in verse. Sometimes certain words are highlighted; clicking those will result in certain elements or new enemies, mostly it just unlocks the new mission.
  • Intel: Information about the level and/or tips on it. This information is not told by "The Flames" but by the Reaper himself; this is demostrated by the fact that the intel is narrated in first person and that according to the Reaper, "The Flames" never speaks in prose.

However, there might be some extra tabs, usually explaining the highlighted words that may appear on the mission tab. These can give you some information about enemies or about new elements such as phylacteries; sometimes it just gives you trivial information, for example about your cat.

Meeting the player Edit

The Flames

The Flames True Form

Upon crossing the corpse portal you can find the area "Home Sweet Home", where you can find a wooden cabin equipped with several weapons. In front of that cabin is a well that you can enter. Following the path through the well will result in the player entering a room where he can find several candles praising a figure, this figure is in fact "The Flames" true form. He looks like a big black skeleton with several candles on his arms and legs and two big candles along with some other candles on his "head". Oddly enough when the player sits down in front of him to talk to him, he doesn't speak in verses like he normally does. Speaking to him will trigger the Ibzan fight.

After the player killed Ibzan, he will tell the player that he has done enough and will turn off all the lights, putting the player to a rest.

Trivia Edit

  • As evidenced by the level editor, The Fireplace is likely the God of Life. This also explains his line prior to the fight with Ibzan, stating "I am not the God of Death.".