731436891 preview Shambler

A Shambler's body and head.

The Shambler is a rather rare zombie that appears in a handful of missions. He is just like a normal zombie except for one fact: he was beheaded. His head is always near the body and the Shambler's body wears a dirty gray shirt and white shorts. Because his head was severed from his body, the shambler´s body is constantly shaking, specifically the arm that's aiming the 9mm SMG.

Whenever the head notices the player (because the head of the Shambler ironically acts as the Shambler´s eyes and ears), the body will shoot the gun in an unstoppable frenzy until it runs out of ammo. If the Shambler has no shots left, he is helpless and that's when the player gets his chance to attack.

Shambler´s face

A Shambler´s "Head".

The body of this zombie can endure a large quantity of bullets, comparable to a bouncer and 15 punches but his head can only endure 1 shot and 3 punches. Upon the head´s death, the Shamblers body dies and vice versa and drops a 9mm SMG with half of ammo.

The Shambler cannot speak due to the lack of a mouth, instead it makes gurgling noises. His head is perfectly able to speak though.

Trivia Edit

  • The Shambler is unable to retaliate during melee hits, making him an easy target if you can catch him off-guard.