The Sergeant is the toughest of all skeletons. He lacks a shirt, instead the sergeant has a "Russian hat" and a dark gray jacket with gray "fur" on the top borders. He also wears black pants and black boots and belt that has a golden buckle. The sergeant wields a very heavy Sledgehammer.

731436891 preview Sergeant

Whenever a sergeant sees a player his reaction will depend on the distance between the player and the sergeant. When the Sergeant sees him, he will run towards him, slowly at first but gradually increasing in speed until it gets to a point where it becomes faster than Amber. Upon reaching the player, he will jump and spin the sledgehammer in the air, utterly smacking anybody in his range. Also, the sergeant is incredible tough, enduring 3 shots to the head (IF the player is close) and a huge quantity of shots to the body. In melee, the Sergeant takes thirty punches to go down.