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Roland face

Roland´s Face

He is the leader of the "Zombie Kingz" gang and appears on the mission of the same name. He is a tough zombie with a dark grey shirt and 2 golden necklackes, he has a golden belt and wears black pants with white sneakers, he also has a beard and a gray cap with a white shade. His face has some resemblance with the bouncer, varying a bit on the shape of the head and a little bit on the eyes, but nonetheless Roland is very similar to a bouncer on the physical aspect of his face
731436891 preview -B-Roland

Roland, the leader of the "Zombie Kingz"

Whenever he notices the player he will immediately shoot his 9mm SMG whenever the player location is, if the player isn't at Roland vision field he will look for the player instead. Roland behaves pretty much like every zombie only a little bit faster, much more tough and with a great response to sounds making it a very formidable enemy that can take several shots and 42 punches, though he can't move when the player is punching him.

According to Zombie Cassette #3 Roland actually cares very much about his team, even bumping when one of his members died (an unknown zombie called Steven) despite "the tough guy act" he puts, as the leader of "Zombie Kingz" he maintains deals with most of the undead factions such as "The 1000 Years Royale" and "The Dredged", claiming that most of the relationships he maintained with these groups were useless, for example he said that one of the very few benefits from working for the vampires was Amber, a vampire who hold a sexual relationship with Roland until his death and expressed his discontent with "The Dredged" due to the delay of their plan.

Roland, however, expressed discontent with Puff claiming that he was someone that got spooked by everything and that he was always calling him for dumb shit. Is obvious that Roland doesn't valorate Puff as an actual member, this happens probably due to Puff's role in the gang.

Trivia Edit

  • Roland has a 25% chance of dropping a cassette, specifically Zombie Cassette #3.
  • When you kill him and finish the mission where he appears you will get the achievement "Zombie Kingz: Cleared".
  • Roland originally was going to be a normal enemy, this is assumed from this image

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