731436891 preview Punk

A Punk standing guard.

The Punk is the most common type of zombie. They appear in most missions, especially during the "Zombie Kingz" missions. They look like a normal zombie with a forward-facing white cap with a black shade. They are shirtless and wear black pants with a belt and a golden buckle. They wield a 9mm Pistol that holds five rounds.

When the punk is alerted to the Reaper's presence, it will aim its gun in the Reapers direction, wait a brief moment and then fire. If the reaper is not in sight, it will run to cover or advance towards the next room. Similar to the Bully, the Punk is weak and can be dispatched with only two shots (one if shot in the head) or nine punches.

Upon death they have a low chance of dropping a cassette, specifically Zombie Cassette #1.

Trivia Edit

  • The Punk cannot retaliate between blows, which makes him an easy melee target if no enemies are nearby to support him.