Puff Edit

Puff face

Puff´s Face

Puff is a boss zombie, he is the accountant of the "Zombie Kingz" and shows frustration for it, because due his low rank he is not treated as an important person as demonstrated by Roland on the Zombie Cassette #3 and has very little participation on the gang. He stole a Tommy Gun from the Trideads

731436891 preview -MB-Puff

Puff calling Roland

Puff wears an elegant suit that just fits his role in the gang, he possesses a 10mm Pistol, his face is very similar to a bouncer, with only few differences. His skin color is slighty darker that the other zombies, his eyes are like little squares, his face is wider than the bouncer and e has a gray hair. Despite being a low level dealer, his house is heavily guarded by 4 bouncers and some other zombies, Puff acts like a normal zombie but a little bit more responsive upon the player apparition and has quicker recharge time. He can endure several bullets, including shots to the head and can only endure 24 punches. Puff demonstrates a particular tuning for vampires because he has vampire pornography as demonstrated by the poorly drawn naked vampire on a paper in his desk, it is unknown whether the vampire was female or male.

According to the Reaper he is the very first specific target given to him by The Fireplace and the reaper claims to see Puff's death before he was a zombie on the shadows of his wall.

In game Edit

When the player arrives to Puff's house, he immediately calls Roland, but according to Zombie Cassette #3 he decided to ignore him because it was morning and "Puff was always calling him for dumb shit" and that "he gets spooked by everything", because of that Amber (to which is implied to have a sexual relationship due to the vampire's constant sexual activity and physical attractiveness, specially since Amber was proven to be a nymphomaniac revealed in "Amber & Evelyn" introduction) tells him to turn the phone off. Then he gets killed by the player who gets his soul making The Fireplace more happy in the process.

If the player kills Puff without using the Tommy Gun in Puff's basement he will get the achievement "Nah I'm good"

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