Patriarch face

The face of a Patriarch

The Patriarch Is the toughest of all demons enemies in Deadbolt. He first appears during the "The Dredged" missions.

The patriarch is a big and muscular demon, wearing a muscle shirt, black bracelets and dark green pants. They have small moustaches, fang-like teeth and huge horns that wear a resemblance to those of goats. The patriarch is equipped with a minigun.

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Whenever the patriach sees the player, he will slowly walk towards the player until he is close enough, then his minigun will wind up and he will proceed to fire it. The patriarch doesn't really aim with his minigun, he just fires a bunch of bullets forward. After the patriarch has fired his minigun, he takes a small pause before starting to fire again; this is the time when he is open for an attack.

The patriarch can endure up to 34 punches and can be dispatched with three headshots and/or a lot of shots to the body.

Upon death, the patriarch has a small chance to drop the Demon Cassette #1.

Trivia Edit

  • The Patriarch's minigun can fire through doors.