Nightcrawler Face
Nightcrawlers are very tough vampires introduced in "A Lot to Give". They are vampires, but have even more features than the Bartender to make them look like bats. Their head can be clearly identified to as bat-like and Nightcrawlers even have wings as arms with rather normally functioning hands attached to them.
731436891 preview Nightcrawler
They wear an outfit similar to the bartender outfit, and they hold a Supressed PDW that they will drop (with half a magazine of ammo) when they die. The Nightcrawlers function as some sort of bodyguard (evidenced by Vampire Cassette #2) that have plenty of knowledge of "The Harvest". The nightcrawlers are afraid of Madam Stela because if they know too much of the info, Madam Stela will put them out of their job by turning them into ash.
Nightcrawler trading card

Nightcrawlers's Steam Trading card Just hangin' around

Whenever they notice the player, they will immediately pull out their PDW and shoot it in a frenzy in the direction of the player. The PDW takes a rather short time to recharge. A nightcrawler can endure 3 shots to the head and a lot of shots to the body; in melee combat, they can take up to 29 punches and they are able to retaliate in between blows. However. if they run out of ammo and the player keeps hitting them, they won't be able to recharge their PDW and will die due to the constant beating.

Upon death, nightcrawlers have a rare chance of dropping the Vampire Cassette #2.