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The Maiden is a common demon enemy in Deadbolt. Like all demons, she appears during the "The Dredged" missions. She has long, black hair and wears a black outfit, similar to a maid outfit. She is equipped with a burst rifle, which she will drop upon death (in which case it will have only half of the ammo). The Maiden also has slender eyebrows, white lips, and ears that resemble elf's ears. She also has the smallest horns iof all demons with a dark orange color.
Maiden trading card

Maiden Trading Card

Whenever a maiden sees the player she will quickly fire her burst rifle; if the player is not in firing range, she will quickly walk to take cover.

Maidens are as durable as Cardinals, taking up to 13 punches and 3 shots to be brought down.

Upon death, the maiden has a small chance to drop the Demon Cassette #1.

Trivia Edit

  • The Maiden can't retaliate between blows, allowing the player to beat her into a pulp if she's off guard.