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Madam Stela

Madam Stela is presumably the most ancient vampire in Deadbolt. She is a narcissistic, selfish, egocentric, "classy" and manipulative succubus. Madam Stela had several husbands before Sir Stela, but they were all killed, it is heavily implied (if not confirmed) on Vampire cassette #3 that she killed or at least, ordered the death of her husbands, we only have register of 2 husbands before Sir Stela, aparently the husband before Sir Stela was murdered because he didn't liked dancing and Madam Stela loved dancing, the husband before that was killed because he liked the undead and Madam Stela hated them at the extreme of feeling repulsion for them (Despite the fact that she is an undead), it is unknown how many husband did Madam Stela had and why they were killed. Madam Stela had plenty of knowledge of "The Harvest" and she even was excited by it, since the more harvest happened, the closer she would be to "The Land of Warmth", she felt no remorse despite her people were dying, she also manipulated and threatened her bodyguards (The Nightcrawlers) with death if they dared to say a thing about
Madam Stela Face

Madam Stela's Face

"The Harvest", she also felt huge repulse towards them at the point that she didn't wanted Nightcrawlers stepping a toe in her house. Madam Stella also manipulated huge mass of vampires and claims to be "the only resemblance of class in this god-forsaken-hole in the ground."

Madam Stela Phylacteries

Madam Stela's Phylacteries

She wears a black shirt with no sleeves, a dark gray skirt and a coat made from animal skins, presumably a cerberus (since he is the only "animal") seen in the game besides the cat, she holds a combat shotgun. Her house is heavily guarded by Nightcrawlers, Bartenders, Succubus and Inccubus. Just like the bartenders, Madam Stela also has phylacteries, in fact she has 7 phylacteries that are easily distinguishable from the bartender phylacteries due to their larger shape and light blue color. Whenever she notices the player she will fire her shotgun and at the same time call her servants. There is a catch on her shotgun however, Madam Stela doesn't reload, because of that is impossible to know how many punches can she take because she is also able to retaliate between the player's punches. Madam Stela can handle a lot of shots, including 3 shots to the head, however a close shot from a Combat Shotgun will immediately kill her.

Upon Madam Stela´s death there is a 25% chance that she will drop the Vampire Cassette #3.