Knife Charon

A knive purchased from Charon above the supressed shotgun and to the left of the scythe

Knives are a very common melee weapon in Deadbolt, they can be often found in several levels, mostly in knifeblocks, giving the player the chance to take up to four knives. Knives can also be purchased from Charon as a secondary wapon for the prize of 20 souls.

Knives can either be used as a melee weapon (using left click) or a projectile, if you hold right click and then left-click. When thrown, the knife will do more damage than most bullets and when used for melee, it aproximately doubles your damage. After being thrown, knives can always be picked up again, unless they damage an enemy, in which case they disappear.

If the knives hit the "security cameras" they will fall out of the heads and will be retrievable if the head is completely destroyed. Knives can also be retrievable if the hit Vall

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