Incubus Face
The Incubus is the most common kind of vampire. He can be first encountered in the Supply and Demand mission and appears in every of the "1000 Years Royale" mission. He looks like a tall vampire wearing a tux, he holds a 10mm pistol.  
731436891 preview Incubus
Whenever the Incubus notices the player, he will take aim and shoot at the player. Upon finding a dead body, he will take cover by the nearest furniture. He is a little bit stronger than the punk, being able to endure about 3 shots (he still dies with one headshot) and 13 punches.

Upon death, he has a low chance of dropping the Vampire Cassette #1.

Trivia Edit

  • The Incubus' 10mm pistol can fire through doors. However, the Incubus will only very rarely make use of this feature.
  • The Incubus is unable to retaliate in between blows, allowing the player to kill him in melee combat if the Incubus is the only enemy around.
  • If the player kills an Incubus while it is dropping to the floor, the player will get the achievement "Acrobat". Due to the speed of the fall, it is recommended to use a shotgun or some weapon with a high rate of fire.