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Ibzan Face

It is evidenced in the game that Ibzan was in fact, a reaper. This is demonstrated by Ibzan´s pitch black blood, his knowledge of The Fireplace, and "The Land of Warmth", demonstrated in Skeleton Cassette #3. He constantly refers to The Fireplace as "friend". It is implied Ibzan had no legitimate bad intentions behind his actions, this is implied by the paper in his desk that says: "I understand it now, I regret, I just want to apologize", like he was trying to apologize The Fireplace for his misdoings, he only wanted to bring the other undead to "The Land of Warmth" however this process involved the death of several undead as well as the deaths of candles, he also tries to talk to The Fireplace several times. It is unknown why Ibzan became a mix between an undead and a reaper, but it might be due to the fact that he committed suicide as it is implied he is the author of the Secret Cassette where an unknown reaper expresses it's discontent with its job. Ibzan has a special ability that no reaper - at least those that are known - has: the ability to teleport upon death. Whenever he dies, he will disappear in blue smoke and teleport somewhere else, also appearing in a shroud of blue smoke too. It is unknown how he performs this ability, however it has been proved that this ability can't be used infinitely as he is killed by the current reaper.