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A grunt.

The Grunt is the most common skeleton enemy in the game. They wear black jackets with light blue "fur" on the top borders. They also wear blue shirts with turtle necks. The pants they Grunts wear are gray and black boots finish their attire. Grunts wield Old World Rifles as their main choice of weapons.

A grunts behaviour is very similar to that of a punk, but the grunt reaction time is way quicker. If the player hesitates even for a second, they will quickly splatter him against the wall. The Grunt also endures more attacks, with a shot resistance similar to that of an incubus and enough endurance to resist eleven punches. Lastly, an ability that the grunts can use is to "submerge" into the ground, appearing again if they notice something. This makes them an enemy to fear.

Grunt Trading Card

Upon death, the grunt has a low chance of dropping the Skeleton Cassette #1.