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This is an encyclopedia for the game Deadbolt, a game developed by Hopoo Games.

Written by fans for fans

About Deadbolt Edit

Deadbolt is a challenging hybrid between action and stealth, in Deadbolt the player will take control of the Grim Reaper himself where they will erradicate in a bloody frenzy an undead rising, all orquestrated by the misterious Fireplace whose flames demand the blood of the undead. Join the grim reaper himself on 25 challenging missions with a huge arsenal of over 30 weapons that you will use slaughter in a bloody frenzy every single undead waste from gang leaders to the worthless of mooks, choose the playstyle that fits you the most and remember:
Deadbolt also comes with 24 achievements that only the most skilled players can achieve and a level editor if this history about drugs, sex, violence, gangs and treason alongside some sick electro tunes with slow jazz that only the game composor Chris Christodoulou can achieve, didn't fill all your blood thirsthy needs.

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