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Demon missions

Every mission where the demons are the main enemy

The demons are creatures from beyond the River Styx, guarded by Charon. Despite popular belief, demons are not undead, as they are the habitants of Hell. However they still have the weak points of the undead, being susceptible to bullets and melee attacks.

In the events of DEADBOLT, a group demons were hired by The Dredged to cross the Styx River and guard the portal other important information. It is unknown how were the Dredged planned to pay the Demons, but it is implied that their payment has something to do with The Land of Warmth.

Demons seem to have a patriarchal society, as the Patriarch is the most dangerous demon and the one who seems to have the highest rank. Demons are born in birthing chambers, although it is unknown how these work. They are sometimes hired as mercenaries, but this rarely happens due to Charon and the considerable expense they require. The demons have a permanent fear of Charon and the dangers of the Styx River.

Demons have a humanoid shape, red skin, yellow-ish eyes bordering white, yellow or orange horns, white fangs and orange noses. Their style resembles Depression-era gangsters, as well as including Chinese Triad or Japanese Yakuza influences. However, the Patriarch and the Cardinal have outfits that resemble the "classical" Biker Gang. The demons are as susceptible to bullets and punches as other undead, however whenever a demon dies from a headshot, a little flame will come out of weher it's head was and will quickly vanish

Folk song Edit

It is know due to the Demon Cassette #1 that demons have a folk song that they mothers use to sing in their birthing chambers to warn them about the dangers of crossing the Styx River and Charon.

The song goes like this:

Splish, splash, in the Styx we go

Charon's comin', swim real slow

Splish, splash, in the Styx we go

Mama's not watching, she doesn't know

Splish, splash, in the Styx we go

One by one by one he throws

Splish, splash, in the Styx we go

Always remember that we drown slow

Trivia Edit

  • Just like all other enemies, there is only one Trading Card on Steam that represents that specific Enemy Faction and in this case is the Maiden.
  • Unlike all of the previous cassettes where there were three cassettes per Enemy Faction, the demons only have one cassette that represents them the Demon Cassette 1.
  • Despite the fact that they are NOT undead, the game treats the demons as undead, because on the levels where they appear, most of the objective is to kill all the undead, but there are only demons so it's obvious that the player must kill all the demons in order to complete the level, however as stated by The Fireplace, the demons are NOT undead.
  • Despite the fact that they are demons who belong to another land they still share the weak points of the undead.