Dead Simple is the first mission in Deadbolt. The mission consists of two areas and is used as the tutorial mission of the game. The enemies are all members of the zombie faction.

The walls of the house the player is walking through are smeared with yellow paint: These symbols are the buttons that are used to play the game. The first area of Dead Simple is therefore pretty straightforward: Kill all zombies. Almost all of the four zombies are either looking away or are in a position that makes them easily killable. Two knifes and a .32 Revolver can be obtained here.

The second area is a little trickier. You start outside a house, with a fully loaded .32 Revolver in hand. The objective is the same, all zombies must die. However, besides the Punks you already know from the first area, a Bully is now appearing. Besides the Revolver you already have, one room gives you the opportunity to pick up a 9mm Pistol, giving you more than enough firepower.

Enter the house through the vent, try to aim for the heads and you shouldn't have any problem clearing this mission.

Hard mode Edit

The walls in hard mode have no symbols to help whatsoever. In addition to that, the Bully is now already appearing in the first house. The total amount of enemies in the first area is now seven and the additional enemies are strategically placed to increase the difficulty.

The second area also got tweaked. Two new sorts of enemies appear here: A Bouncer and a Hellhound. This makes the whole operation tricky: With only six shots, you either fire six perfect shots to the head or you die. The better option is to simply take care of both the Hellhound and the Punk and wait for the Bouncer to come upstairs, since he reacts to the noise. Shortly before his arrival, you take the vent to get into the room that the Bouncer occupied before and get your hands on the 9mm SMG. This should be enough firepower to take care of the Bouncer and his Sawn-Off Shotgun can be used to do the rest.