Cardinal face

The face of a Cardinal

The Cardinal is the most common demon in Deadbolt. They first appear near the end of the game during the "The Dredged" missions.

The cardinal has black, elvis-like hair and wears a leather jacket and dark brown pants.His weapon of choice is a baseball bat. The cardinal's nose is long and stretched, it has the shape of a tear, it has a little moustache and fangs, His face is also adorned by two orange horns which are rather small in comparasion to the Patriarch's horns. The cardinals eyes give his face an overall asian look.

731436891 preview Cardinal

A Cardinal

Whenever a cardinal sees a player, he will dash towards him and swing his bat in a similar fashion to when the player uses a Sledgehammer. The cardinals swing with the weapon is faster than the players. However, the bat ignites when being swung, giving the player an opportunity to punch them.

A cardinal can take 13 punches and can endure 3 bullets to the body and one to the head.

Upon death, the cardinal has a small chance to drop the Demon Cassette #1.

Trivia Edit

  • The Cardinal is unable to retaliate between blows.