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A Bouncer

The Bouncer is a tough zombie that appears in some missions, especially during the Puff mission. He looks like a big zombie, with a gray jacket and an egg shaped head. He also wears green pants and holds a Sawn-Off Shotgun that he will drop upon death. The Bouncer is introduced in New High.
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Bouncer's Steam Trading Card Big zombies big guns

Whenever he notices the player, he will slowly chase him until the player enters the shotgun range. Upon standing in his range, he will unload his shotgun in the player's direction: The cone is rather big and shooting the weapon emits a very loud sound and will shake the screen a little. Unlike the Punk, the Bouncer isn't very quick when it comes to reloading; this gives the player a window of opportunity to counterattack.

Bouncers are very strong foes and can endure up to three shots in the head and several shots to the body. He can also endure 32 punches and he will not attack while he receives them if he shot his gun previously. Be careful, since he is perfectly capable of shooting his gun when it's loaded and therefore blasting your head of in melee range.

If the player manages to kill a bouncer with a melee weapon, he will get the "Pugilist" achievement. There are multiple ways to do this, but a Scythe is probably the easiest way: Three hits of the Scythe will kill the Bouncer, just be careful to hit him fast enough, otherwise he gets to retaliate between hit two and three.

Upon death, he has a low chance of dropping a cassette, the Zombie Cassette #2.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bouncer is the representant for the zombie faction on the Steam Trading Card.
  • According to Zombie Cassette #2, one of the bouncer's name in his previous life was Jacob.