Amber & Evelynn are twin sisters, who run brothels and like to take a fair slice of the action themselves. They have to be fought during the "1000 Years Royal" mission Amber & Evelynn.

Amber Edit

Amber Face
Amber is a vampire boss and one half of the sister duo Amber & Evelynn. She runs the brothels with her sister, and her personality just matches her job: She is a nymphomaniac as evidenced by a dialogue that might pop up when entering the level Amber & Evelynn as she is seen staring at a shirtless incubus lying on the bed with his penis erected. Amber used to have a relationship with Roland as evidenced by Zombie Cassette #3, but it ended due to Roland's death and the disbanding of the "Zombie Kingz" gang.
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She wears a small black shirt with a heart on it, which leaves her belly exposed. Also, you can see one of the suspenders from her bra due to her shirt being "misplaced" (apparently due to her just finishing the sexual act with an incubus). In addition to that, she wears black pants and red stockings and she wears her hair in a bun. She holds a big and long sword, resembling a katana. Whenever she notices the player, she will rush towards him at a mad speed, being the enemy with the fastest running speed in the game, and much like a succubus perform a small jump before slashing the player with her sword. She can endure a knife throw and a hammer throw, but she is really weak to any sort of fire power. Killing her with punches is pretty much impossible due to her high speed. Behind her in her room, there is a valve you can use to unlock her vent pipe, linking the rooms of the two sisters.

Each of the two succubi made herself an own phylactery which is placed in the room of the sister, so if the player wants to kill Amber, he must kill Evelyn before Amber can being resurrected.

Evelynn Edit

Evelyn Face

Evelynn is the other half of the pair of sisters. Together with Amber, she is one of the two succubi who run the brothels. Like her sister, she is a nymphomaniac as seen by a dialogue that might pop up when entering the level Amber & Evelynn, which is: "Shame.... Another slow night." She can be seen staring a shirtless incubus lying on the bed, who seems to be her boy-toy. She also mocks the player if he wasn't fast enough to kill Amber in time. Whenever she dies she will say: "You... Can't stop.... The Harvest..."

731436891 preview -MB-Evelyn

She wears a small red shirt very similar to Amber but instead of having a "misplaced" shirt, she has a little bit of her bra exposed. Other than that her outfit is almost identical to Ambers, though she wears her hair as a braid. Her room is guarded by two cerberus and one succubus. Whenever she notices the player she will shoot her two guns, alternating between the left gun and the right gun, however her reload time is relatively slow. Also, she can't take much more damage than her twin sister either, barely bearing shots to the body and instantly dying when shot to the head. However, unlike her twin Amber, Evelynn can be a target for punches, enduring up to 19 punches. Behind her is a valve that you can use to unlock her vent pipe leading to Ambers room.

Evelynn and Amber made their own phylacteries and given them to each other, so if the player wants to kill Evelynn, he have to reach Amber before Evelynn can resurrect.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player kills Amber with a melee weapon (It's recommended to use a scythe) and Evelyn with a ranged weapon the player will gain the achievement "Quick Pro Quo".
  • Evelyn can't retaliate in between blows. But like mentioned above, Amber will kill you for trying to melee her with your fists.