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Achievements are unlocked after the player completes a certain milestone or challenge. Most of the achievements belong to special challenges and goals, and some of them belong to certain milestones achieved while playing the story mode, such as completing certain areas, etc. Completing achievements will award the player with souls. There are 24 achievements in total.

Whenever you get an achievement, there will be a notification on the lower left corner of the game, with the name, picture and description of the achievement.

Deadbolt Achievements Edit

Name Image Description Unlock Reward
Earn every achievement. Complete the game with all achievements unlocked. They must all be collected within one save file. 50 souls
Beat the entire game within 1 hour without quitting. Beat the game in 1 hour without quitting the game on any level. 50 souls
Beat the entire game without dying or quitting. Beat the entire game without dying or quitting any level. 50 souls
Get a five star rating on all missions. Get a five star rating on all missions, the rating depends on how quick is the player to eliminate the enemies and complete the goal. 50 souls

Clear a stage with only headshot kills.

Finish a stage with only headshot kills. Bodyshots are allowed so long as the enemy doesn't die from the shot, and misses are permitted. 20 souls
Cloaked In
Clear the first mission. Clear "Noisy Neighbors". 20 souls
Kill an undead... using the toilet. Enter a toilet from the vents when an undead is sitting on it. The only enemies that sit on the toilet are: The bully, the punk, the bouncer, the incubus, the succubus and the grunt. 20 souls

Buy a weapon from Charon.

Buy an weapon from Charon with the souls you collected 20 souls
Cassette Culture
Collect all memory tapes. Collect all the memory tapes dropped from enemies upon death. The secret tape is unnecessary for completion of the achievement. 20 souls

Clear a stage with only melee weapons.

Clear a stage using only melee weapons. Weapons may be thrown. 20 souls
Nah, I'm Good
Kill Puff without using the Tommy Gun. Kill Puff without using the Tommy Gun in the basement. You don't need to finish the level, but you can't use the Tommy Gun until Puff is dead. 20 souls
Melee a bouncer to death. Kill a bouncer with any melee weapon, the weapon can be thrown. The Bouncer may be weakened with firearms, but the killing blow must be dealt with a melee attack. 20 souls
Baba Yaga
Clear "The Bogeyman" without being seen. Clear "The Bogeyman" stage without letting any enemy see you. Enemies may be alerted, but cannot actually spot the reaper. 20 souls
Zombie Kingz: Cleared
Clear all Zombie Kingz missions. Complete all the Zombie Kingz missions. 20 souls
Kill a vampire mid-air. Kill a vampire while he is falling mid-air. 20 souls
Let The Dead Rest
Clear "The Bloody Mary" without letting any vampires revive. Any bartender killed in "The Bloody Mary" must have their phylactery destroyed before they're resurrected. 20 souls
Quid Pro Quo
Kill Amber with a melee weapon, and Evelyn with a ranged weapon. Kill Amber with a melee weapon and Evelyn with a ranged weapon, it can be in any order. They may be killed any way so long as it isn't their final death (i.e. they don't get the chance to resurrect) 20 souls
1000 Years Royal: Cleared
Clear all 1000 Year Royals missions. Beat all 1000 Year Royals missions. 20 souls
Kill a Sergeant mid-spin. Kill a Sergeant while he is attacking with his sledgehammer. 20 souls
Grave Robber
Destroy a body as it's being revived. Destroy a corpse while it's being revived by a general. If the general dies before the body is destroyed the achievement will not be awarded. 20 souls
Collateral Damage
Clear "Timur the Tinkerer" using only trap kills. Clear the "Timur the Tinkerer" stage using only traps. Enemies may be avoided instead of killed. 20 souls
The Dredged: Cleared
Clear all Dredged missions. Complete all the Dredged missions. 20 souls
Le Sniper du Cœur
Clear Vall's sniper nest using only headshots. Kill all enemies with headshots during the sniping section of the "Vall" stage. Enemies in the preceding section do not count towards this achievement. 20 souls
From The Shadows
Clear "Ibzan" without being seen once. Clear the "Ibzan" stage without being seen. Enemies may be alerted, but cannot actually spot the reaper. 20 souls

Trivia Edit

  • The achievement "Coinage" is a reference to Charon of Greek mythology. Charon is the Ferryman who helps the newly deceased to cross the Styx River and go to the underworld, though the payment of a coin was required for passage.
  • The "Baba Yaga" achievement is refering to a supernatural being in the Slavic folklore. Baba Yaga is represented by an old lady with a blue nose, steel teeth and two different legs, a normal one and a bony one; these legs represent the 2 worlds where Baba Yaga travels, the world of the dead and the world of the living. Baba Yaga always consumes large quantities of meat despite the fact that she looks really old and skinny. The name Baba Yaga was probably used for this achievement due to the fact that Baba Yaga decorates her home with skulls with candles on them; since "The Bogeyman" is the level where the security cameras are introduced, the name was given due to the similarities between the skulls and the security cameras.
  • "Pugilist" is a term for a boxer, fitting since to unlock it the player must beat a bouncer to death (or kill him with a melee weapon).
  • Dethroned is a pun, since toilets are often referred to as "The Throne".
  • The name of the achievement "Le Sniper du Cœur" means The Heart's Sniper.
  • The achievements War, Death, Conquest and Famine are the names of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • The total sum of souls rewarded by achievements is 600 souls.